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About Prash

Prash Jaitley is the Managing Director of Blue Alpine Ltd, he has had a long standing career in the commercial retail sector. His core strengths include restructuring of portfolios and investments through acquisitions and disposals this has enabled him to deliver the vision of Blue Alpine. Armed with extensive industry knowledge and strong relationships within the sector, he is able to consistanly deliver double digit returns. He has access to a large network of developers and real estate traders this has given him the opportunity to work with high net worth investors, he is known for his transparency, trust and delivery.

My vision is to disrupt the real estate market in the UK, making Blue Alpine an invaluable resource in the property sector.

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About Warren

Warren is a director in the London Business Restructuring group of BDO he specialises in Real Estate restructuring. He provides advice to stakeholders on all aspects of real estate cases including realisation strategys, buildouts, asset management opportunities and loan portfolios disposals. His role in Blue Alpine is a consultant and he provides valuable experience and a wealth of knowledge from years of valuable experience.


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About Joseph

Joseph Bachman is responsible for investor relations and co-investment opportunities within Blue Alpine Ltd.   A strategically minded Entrepreneur and Director, possessing a 10+ year demonstrable track record of creating revenue growth and shareholder value.  Expertise in International expansion, corporate restructuring, business development, sales and marketing strategies, financial management and fostering strong alliances.  Since May 2010, when he co-founded the women’s luxury brand Paolita, Joseph has collaborated with over 200 global fashion brands.  Prior 2010, Joseph worked in the private equity and hedge fund sectors as a consultant specialising in co-investment opportunities and fundraising.  Joseph is Featured in 2018 Power List.

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About Micah

After working for nine years in various high-profile award-winning practices in Los Angeles and London and extensive world-wide travel, he founded award-winning Inter Urban Studios in 2009 with the primary goal to work with clients, partners, and communities to deliver outstanding, thoughtful, cost-effective, and environmentally-conscious modern design that exceeds all expectations. Micah is a chartered architect and the Design Partner at Blue Alpine, spearheading the development process from appraisal and feasibility to construction and completion.

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About Mitul

Mitul Popat, the co-founder of Lyonwood, is a Consultant for Blue Alpine, he previously worked with a successful European investment banking company as a trader. His experience within the investment industry has gained him a series of skills transferable to the real estate sector, notably his understanding of capital markets and financial background, specifically in understanding how markets work, have helped to shape the foundations of the company.

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