Joint Ventures

Two heads can be better than one, but there is a great deal involved in creating a joint venture – from the initial step of finding a suitable partner through to putting an agreement in place.

We, at Blue Alpine, strive to find the right partner(s) for our clients.

By design, joint ventures are a collaborative effort amongst partners working together on a project – each contributing a specific facet – be it in the form of capital, aptitude or resources. Under such an arrangement all aspects of the venture are shared – equity, ownership, risk exposure as well as the rewards.

For the majority of joint ventures we have arranged, it is common practice that one partner contributes the funds and the other contributes their skills, experience and access to a deal. It is a balanced relationship – each party providing their expertise to the benefit of the whole.

Joint venture partnership a meaningful way of doing business. For those “beginners” into property it creates the foundation to build a property portfolio. For the more established investor it is a strategy for developing bigger projects with the added benefit of aggregating the risk (and capital) amongst various deals.

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